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Alternative music group for 0-4 year olds


Groups are currently suspended. Follow us on Facebook for up to date information

Al's Little Singers, run by Alexandra Lyons, is an alternative music group for pre-schoolers with live guitar, original songs, movement and a whole lotta soul.


What we do


At every group we do a welcome song and warm up, we sing some familliar nursery rhymes and get up and move around. We enjoy dancing with floaty scarves and bang and shake during a lively percussion section. You will also see a flowing river, bouncing teddies and one super powerful bubble machine.


Song choices


Baby music groups should be just as engaing for the grownups as they are for the children. After all, music is universal. With that in mind, we draw from a wide repertoire of songs to engage imaginations young and old. You might hear songs from The Musicals like Let's Go Fly A Kite! Bare Necessities and Doe A Deer; campfire classics like Comin' Round The Mountain and Down by the Riverside and childhood favourites like Nellie The Elephant and Puff The Magic Dragon. There are even a few pop songs like Rivers Of Babylon and Octopus' Garden thrown in for good measure – and those are just the ones you will have heard of.


To create a really nice sound and a lively atmosphere at Al’s Little Singers everyone is expected to join in so don’t be offended if you are handed a wood block and given a rhythm to play or you are made to sing different parts!


In an effort to make my groups accessible to all, sibling discounts apply equally to mothers of more than one child, and to nannies and childminders who look after multiple children. Sessions are drop in so no commitment is necessary. If your child can’t sit still, that’s fine. They can still absorb the sounds and rhythms while they are toddling about. There are lots of groups throughout the week to choose from which all cater for a mix ages from birth up to age four. And we run through the school holidays too.


As we all know, babies and toddlers love music but our groups are  also guaranteed to lift your mood too. They are the perfect time for you to interact with your child while getting out and meeting people. And lots of people say they need a structure to their day. You’ll watch how your children pick up the lyrics and develop their language skills; you’ll see how the counting songs help with numbers and hear how the lively percussion section develops rhythm and understanding of timbre (loud and soft) and tempo (fast and slow). Our circle songs and jumping songs will develop coordination and your children even learn important skills in between the songs as they start to help put away the instruments and props.


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